Thursday, March 07, 2013

Overbooked, hectic, all means the same!

Oh my gosh, I'm starting to feel swamped!  I like being busy, but I kinda hate being TOO busy.    I made a concentrated effort last fall to NOT sign up for too many scheduled activities, so that we could enjoy life as it comes along.  I tend to want to sign up for everything, it all sounds good, but that leaves us with running all the time (which is common for homeschoolers).   We've been there, done that, in the past, and I wanted to not have that running this year.  Plus, with Chandler attending high school at a public school for the first time, we weren't sure how that would work schedule-wise.    So the only thing we started out on our schedule was a weekly P.E./Art, on the same day, and back to back, so that was one day during school hours we were obligated for.  We had the Cub Scouts, and sports in the evenings, but evenings are not so much a problem, as school work is long over by then.

But since the start of the new year, we've dropped the Art class (using an amazing art curriculum at home, called HomeArt Studio, better then ANY live Art class we've used to date!), signed up for a different P.E. twice a week, dropped Cub Scouts (that's a whole 'nother story).   Max is now taking a once-a-week speech class at our local elementary school.  We've got dentist appointments, well-checks, and a ton of field trips on our calendar.  Add to that Chandler's baseball schedule, which is 4 nights a week, and trying to get to the Y for my own personal health journey as well as just making sure I get my money worth of the is Overbooked, Hectic, and BUSY!      I'm wishing for more "ain't gotta go no where today" kinda days.  

But even as a  I say that, I am currently mulling over participating in Classical Conversations next year.   I can't believe I just said that.  I had decided that we were done with co-ops.  We've participate in homeschool co-ops for several years, off and on.  I've found they are often a waste of time, never meeting my expectations, my boys complain about having to go, and frankly, it's exhausting.   But in my mind, I've convinced myself that Classical Conversations will be different.  For one, they follow a national curriculum plan, it's very set, unlike local-grown co-ops where moms plan a class, and often the follow through of the planned intentions is not what I am expecting.  So I don't feel that it will have the "not quite what I was expecting" challenge, because I know exactly what to expect.  I love the concept of Classical Conversations, as I'm a big fan of the overall concept of a Classical Education.   I think the theories are valid and work well.   The group I am considering will be new this year, so no pre-formed cliques.   On the other hand, that also means growing pains...people will be new to the CC ways, the teachers will be first-timers.   Does that mean yet again another issue of not meeting my expectations?  The cost is ginormous...twice the amount I've planned for the curriculum I'm wanting to use for next year.   It's going to be a whole day out of the house.   That means only four days of schooling.   Add to that the P.E. class (really want to do this, LOVE the P.E. that my boys are good for them!).   Add to that any field trips, appointments, possible speech class for Max (will be determined in June if he needs to continue in the fall).   So it sounds like life will be Overbooked, Hectic, and BUSY!     Hmmm, what to do, what to do!

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